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Tutun is a fancy name that can be traced back to a period and a way of saying that basically means everything that comes into your head, free of interpretation and meaning … ..Perfect for my idea, Tutun Club!

Tutun Club was born in San Vincenzo in 2003, from the idea of the founder and owner Duccio Maria Arrighi. It started as a windsurf school and with rental of sailing dinghies, catamarans, canoes and pedal boats, on the state concession managed by the Garden Club Toscana which is a tourist facility well known for its importance in the area.

In 2004, thanks to the good previous season, the fleet was strengthened and teaching techniques improved.  In September 2004 a collaboration began with some disabled associations for teaching water sports for disabled people and in the winter of 2004/05 Duccio Maria qualified as a sports instructor specializing in teaching  disabled people coming  from the Trentino region. In 2006 Duccio Maria successfully passed the course to become a VDWS windsurf instructor and since that year the Tutun Club has enjoyed an affiliation with the latter association, of international recognition with more than 350 centers worldwide and more than 1300 instructors who operate.  Employees at the Tutun Club attend training courses for aspiring instructors and enrich their professionalism and abilities.  Customers and  tourists appreciate this growth which is evident in the children’s sector as there is always an increase in attendance at courses and lessons.

In 2007, the Tutun Club doubled the number of posts by managing the concession of the nearby Riva degli Etruschi, another well-known tourist facility, providing the same service in both centers. The collaboration with the disabled is strengthened by tying up relations with the Paraplegic Association Val di Cornia and thanks to the great will of its president Enrico Fedi, new projects are to be presented to the Tuscany region and new rehabilitation techniques are being studied.

In 2008 the president of the Paraplegic Association Val di Cornia Fedi,  the mayor of San Vincenzo Biagi and other authorities of the Tuscany region including Duccio and his ideas of the Tutun Club, inaugurates the first beach equipped for  disabled people in San Vincenzo; the media followed the event and the Tuscany region finances a project for the purchase of nautical equipment for the disabled.

At Tutun Club the educational program of sailing and windsurfing courses is in continuous development but this year it finds its best dimension with formulas tailored for children, where you learn through play and captivating courses for adults. In winter 2008/09 a seasonal adjustment program began with a series of events to be inserted at the beginning and end of the season with the aim to increase the duration of practice.

2009 began with a sailing event called “Riva degli Etruschi Trophy” in the end of April and continued throughout the summer season with a very favorable marine weather condition for water sports. In September, at the Tutun Club, the new 2010 windsurfing materials of the RRD line were presented with other related activities and on the first weekend of October, another curious event was organized called “Week end ENOVELICO” where it joined the passion of sailing to that of good wine, with activities at sea during the day and visits and tastings in the cellars of the Val di Cornia during the evening.

The summer of 2009 found a common idea for the development of our work and of the territory in which we operate. A new work group was born among our fellow friends from the Spot 1 centers of Gorette and the Rosa del Tirreno di Vada center. The intent is to improve the image of windsurfing in Tuscany, to unify our teaching didactics to create a quality standard that protects the users of our centers by guaranteeing them promoted and publicized fees through the media channels aimed at increasing the tourism on the Etruscan coast, enhancing its potential in water sports and highlighting the technical and professional characteristics of those who have been working in this sector for years with great passion.

In 2011, the Tutun Club began to delve into land sports  thanks to its passion for cycling. Duccio Maria, already an MTB instructor and guide since 2008, confirmed the idea of wanting to guarantee sports services for a longer period and took management of sports facilities with tennis schools, bike rental and swimming courses in Riva degli Etruschi and at the resort Poggio all’Agnello; a collaboration that continues today.

From 2018 the Tutun Club has managed sports facilities in the Garden Toscana Resort which boasts 16 clay tennis courts.

The Bike Centers have a great variety of models and a lot of work is done with cycle tourism and the promotion of the territory.

In 2017, with a friend Alessandro Ferretti, a national-level event called Sotto Gamba Game was set up where able-bodied and disabled people have the opportunity to try different sports followed by national technicians and sector professionals.

Two days full of sailing and all water sports, wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, tennis and table tennis, fin swimming, archery, fencing and hand biking.

Thanks to the patronage of the municipality of San Vincenzo and Ottobock support, a well-known manufacturer of prostheses and mobility aids, the second edition in 2018 was also quite successful.

Also in 2017, in the autumn, Duccio Maria with three of his collaborators participate in a training course to become acrobatic park instructors. They successfully passed the course and now we expect to see new projects in the area created by this group of sportsmen who never ceases to amaze us … .. !!!

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